Code of Ethics

What is a Code of Ethics?

A code of ethics is a written set of guidelines designed to help employees conduct themselves in accordance with their organization’s primary values.

It is a set of principles clearly articulating an organization principles and set of values.


Why do you need a Code of Ethics?

Even if individuals have an instinctive understanding of what is morally right or wrong, work environments can present employees with complex challenges, where principles of integrity and honesty need to be continuously reinforced.

By defining, and communicating its code of ethics, and organization will clearly articulate its standards of professional conduct, and establish the values and behaviors employees and leadership are expected to embrace.


Is a Code of Ethics a mere set of guidelines?

No – a code of ethics is a policy statement that the Leadership of an organization issues, with the buy-in from its CEO and the Board.

It is set to articulate Values, but also to clearly define Rules.

A code of ethics is a binding agreement between employees and their organization, where sanctions for non compliance are clearly defined.

This document is the key point of reference for all stakeholders to understand what constitute ethical, or unethical behavior, and will become the corner stone of your drive towards establishing a strong, sustainable Ethical Culture.


How Do I get Started with establishing a Code of Ethics?

Ideally, the definition of a code of ethics should result from an evaluation of ethics risks your organization faces, and by engaging all key stakeholders to establish their expectations in terms of values, guiding principles, and purpose.

Everyday Ethics has the knowledge and experience to assist you in that journey, and help you develop and communicate your Code of Ethics across your organization.



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