HR & Training

Ethics Training

Why invest in Ethics Training? Developing policies and procedures is one thing – having them understood and accepted is somewhat  more challenging.

Companies need to invest into regular ethics training program drives to ensure that all employees and stakeholders are regularly made aware, and reminded of the guiding principles, and regulatory framework of their company Ethics Program.

Everyday Ethics has the practical experience of designing, and rolling out company wide ethics training program, at all levels of your organization, including external stakeholders, eg Customers and Suppliers.

Awareness Programs

Ongoing communication, training and awareness drives are needed to truly entrench Ethics in the workings of your organization

Everyday Ethics has the know-how  to design and implement company- wide Awareness Programs – working collaboratively with your internal HR or Communication teams, or providing turn key solutions for companies with limited internal resources.

 Organizational Structure

Independence, clear segregation of duties, confidentiality imperatives, Board and external stakeholder oversight – ethics programs require well thought-through structures, to support credible and sustainable programs.  Everyday Ethics has the practical knowledge to recommend optimum structures tailored to your needs.


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