Program Evaluation


Monitoring and review

Why do you need to do a regular Ethics Program Evaluation?

How effective is your program?  It is generally accepted that what isn’t measured doesn’t happen.  Let us help you to build in processes to ensure that  “Ethics at Work” does not remain a catch phrase, but become an integral part of your company DNA

Regular reviews of  your code of ethics and ethics policies is essential to stay abreast of best practice and ensure compliance with legislation.  Equally important, codes and policies only matter if there is total commitment from Management to act upon deviations, violations and inadequate behaviors.

Everyday Ethics assesses your existing programs and policies, and issues recommendations for consideration by Senior Management and Board members.

Key performance indicators

How do you measure your ethics performance?  What do you communicate to your employees?  What is reported to your Social and Ethics Committee?

We will show you ways to measure and report on your ethics performance.

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