Ethics Management

Ethics Management

Ethics is not new – the need for strong values and choosing “right” over “wrong” has been around since the beginning of recorded history  – it is part of our lives.  What is new is the emphasis placed on ethics by the Companies Act and the King IV report which has redefined the importance of ethical behavior and elevated the need for ethical leadership, and strong Ethics Management capabilities.

Ethics must  be the foundation upon which every  company is built.  Clarifying ethics and making it accessible to everyone, every day, is the driving force behind Everyday Ethics.

Let Everyday Ethics demystify the process and help you reinforce your ethics framework.

 Everyday Ethics offers a clear, practical and cost effective path towards an ethical culture, focusing on the following areas:

Setting the Tone

Do you walk the talk?  Setting the right tone at the top is of utmost importance to building trust and earning the respect and support of employees and ultimately all other stakeholders.

Everyday Ethics provides practical recommendations to senior management to strengthen the tone and enhance the credibility of ethics programs.

Defining values

Your core values represent what is important and what matters to your organization and therefore must be aligned to your vision and mission statement.  Are your values crystal clear to  your employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders?   We help you to  articulate these.

Defining an Ethics Strategy

An effective and sustainable ethics program must have buy-in at every level of your organization and must be integrated in a clearly defined strategy.

Everyday Ethics  assists with ethics risk assessment to  defining the key elements of your ethics strategy that Board, Management Teams and Employees must embrace.

Delivering  Turnkey programs

Are you finding it difficult to get started? Setting up a company-wide ethics program need not be daunting.  Too often, the need for a focused ethics strategy comes on the back of serious HR related issues, fraud and corruption incidents and significant reputational damage to organizations.

Everyday Ethics assists  in setting up a structured ethics management framework to build an ethical culture in the workplace.

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