Compliance with Conflicts of interests, gifts and hospitality,  HR policies – Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct – what is in place and do they work?

Everyday Ethics  helps you to compile   a clear and  understandable code and policies, and implements  practical processes to deal with Conflict of Interests and Gift declarations.

Audit requirements

Are you a supplier to a multinational that requires that you comply to the anti-bribery ISO 37001 standard?  Are you being audited and need to comply?

Everyday Ethics helps  you to navigate the process  to ensure compliance..

Corporate Governance

The various King codes on Corporate Governance continue to elevate the importance of ethical leadership and have set the scene for best practice expected of South African companies. King IV has now largely redefined the importance of ethical behavior and elevated the need for ethical leadership.  Are you familiar with these requirements?

Everyday Ethics  assists you  to implement best practice that complies with what is now recognized as a world class Corporate Compliance framework.

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